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Related article: Date: Monday, December 5, 2005 12 50 0000 33rd (GMT ) From: Gerzy Morgandoze u003cgerzymorgandoze yahoo. co. UK u003e Subject : Brother u0026 part one sister. This story is completely fictitious, unrelated to the facts. m / m / f / coercion. we expect a continuous history. Brother u0026 Sister Part 1 Gerzy Morgan I woke up in bed, I was crushed against the wall and entered on the covers of I shorts out in my sleep because of the heat, then I realized, why. My sister 12 years old, was at my side - it must have been again a bad dream and climbed in comfort, it was the second time weeks. Looked at me, she had wrapped an arm and a leg around me n and apparently asleep. The length of your hip Mickey Mouse T- shirt is decreased slightly, almost to the waist and I had an erection, my hart 4 inch cock pressed against her soft thighs, and his hand was worringly close my flat bar. My sister had her head rested on my chest and I could smell his freshly washed brown shoulder-length hair. She sighed and squirmed in the sleep, rubbed his thighs more firmly against my testicles and penis hairless. I thought I was in such a panic and relaxed a bit, I did not to blame if he had climbed into bed with me. I was embarrassed by the lack of pubic hair at age fourteen I was the only boy in my class at the beginning increasing, so far I have had this fact hidden from my classmates. Gradually me not wake Karyn moved his hand until it reaches my son was 4 inches erect rooster, which snaked back and smiled to himself at some point dreamed of her t - highest mountain shirt, and pressed against my smooth legs, I has a bit of excitement I feel her pussy against my leg, it felt warm moist, smooth and easy. The shirt was also developed tightly against his chest and I could see the outline of her small breasts existing fast not with their pointy little nipples on the tips. I s cock was harder for longer and thicker in its claws, and my balls tingling. suddenly heard someone movementsng on the other side of the room, n remember that my best friend, Ben was with the night in the cot. Ben sat, as I froze in fear, it's too late to move, so that only squinted and pretended to be asleep. I've heard, get up and go Ben by the bathroom door, two minutes later he returned. only and then sighed, Karyn moved a little tightening its grip on my throbbing s cock, obviously, Ben did look around and he had a clear view of the moonlight all what was happening. I saw his eyes open and was about to say something about it out loud obviously different, n I closed my eyes in my sleep. Fortunately, it's like working went back to bed. Then I realized that I held my breath n hardly dared to breathe, was standing next to me again, I opened my eyes s slowly and gently until I realized I was on constant bed in just his tight blue underwear, I could see a bulge in an erection before. Worse,celebrated its new camera phone that n been, which could include pre take n up to 3 minutes of video , as well as still images. He shot me naked in bed with my younger sister hug me and hold my hairless tail erect ! I opened Ben 's eyes and smiled. " Say Cheese" she whispered. I looked at him, "Look! I woke up straight and found it here on my bed, must be a bad dream had to sleep, and he left here," " Yes, my good, I'm sure you believe in the school. "he said, with a smile. " Ben, you're my friend, do not do this, please ^ a " I saw him in appeal. A calculation of the expression on his face. " OK, if I am your friend, then it will not do anything I say. " Now was, even though Ben is taller and broader than the concern is I was also a year younger, so they tend to have around you boss. a all the worst (as if !) Karyn started and opened his eyes he saw in the then me then Ben at his side, clutching ams, releasing quickly and looked back at Ben, who smiled. "What happened ?" She asked, a bit of sleep vanished from his voice. I realized it was discovered and seized the opportunity to pull the bed covers about two wanted to protect my little sister. " OK Karyn, if you do not want your brother and your life is a misery at school, we want to do what I say. " Back Karyn for me, fear in its almost brown eyes, wrinkles of his freckled nose a little at the thought. " Karyn I do not know what to do. " I had ideas, I just think that it, I was stagnation until I could get the phone and delete that the images and video. "We must do whatever he wants. " He said quietly. " Well, I 'm glad you take the more sensible choice. Do you? " It s looking at me. " do not have much choice," he sighed. Ben closed his cellphone and threw it on the bed, and then moved to , and turned on the light and returned to where we were both sitting on my bedwith Pedo Preteen cover strip that surrounds us. " Very well, remove the lid and sit with their legs over the edge of the bed the two. " He made ​​no effort, the obvious stiffy concealed in his pants. Ben was really good and I had tried many times to have a look before it was not difficult because they are afraid as I am. had well-defined muscles in the chest and arms and firm thighs slightly n sprinkled with fine blonde hair Pedo Preteen and soft, which coincided with the strawberry n blonde hairs on his head. Looking nervously at my sister, I pulled the lid out and swung my legs around her thin soft suit, and pulled it T -shirt down over her thighs, while I covered my penis still erect with my n of the hand. " I take your hand and let me look good. " Blush red with sorry that I took my hand, and rushed forward, and without notice, Ben burn my legs pulled me forward and goodbye, for my thighs. Build my hairless tail 4 inch soft hairless balls can be seen in all my former best friend smy sister. Karyn I realized I looked and n. Ben smiled. " You're just a little boy a year older than me and yet, very soon! " I blushed redder. Ben Pedo Preteen leaned with one hand and ran his finger in my flat bar councils around the erect penis and then put my small balls. "can you run yet? " He asked mischievously. ".. suffered a little. " I stammered, could have died of shame not to time. Ben took her hand and sat down. "Right then. " He quickly pulled his pants down and externally sprung 5 -inch hard disk tail thick, long and thick as mine, when surrounded n is the basis of serious strawberry blonde pubes scattered also slightly above its generous size ball. I smiled and my sister that stood with eyes open on it. He wrapped his hand around throbbing cock and pushed back the foreskin to the big show purple the head. Then release, he turned to Karyn. " right that has seen both naked, and now it's your turn. " As he is n practically drooling,and I was curious, I had not seen her naked, and that were 10 and 8 years old and still share a bathroom. Karyn was washed as s much as I do, but in one swift movement pulled his shirt over his head, and was put aside, then, before Ben could not resist it, slid n slightly forward and spread her legs. I could not help himself hard to see her small breasts with very small pointed erect his eyes and nipples soft hairless pubis saw his small slot and a little swollen and moist, and more exciting yet had their way freckles running out of her small breasts and thighs to his pubis. Ben failed and bent to kiss her breasts small and then pushed her onto her back and spread her legs so he could continue begin to kiss and lick her tight little pussy. He saw me and had to admit , it was my turn, especially when Ben took my hand and sisters put it around my penis and made me start the straw. Karyn is panting pleasantand now that Ben stuck his tongue out as far as they go to. Without warning, he turned to me and licked my hard cock shaft send pleasure through my body, took her hand and gave him my penis Karyn throw a couple of sucks before. " OK I'm ready to finish, I can not take it anymore. " He said. It was and put me in a kneeling position, my face was level with his throbbing cock, which could drop a crisp white seminal fluid in the slot. that grabbed my head and pulled him towards her and opened my mouth to take in all its length at a time. I felt the hairs tickle the nose, as I licked and sucked, I realized that without Karyn has started playing with his cock again, everything was too much and throbbed like Ben \\ \\ n thick rod in her mouth full of cum after surprisingly sweet tasting, I found a little dribble runs over my sister 's hand s... This story will continue.
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